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Historical connections of the pre-Islamic period and then the flourishing of Islamic civilization in Spain and the growth and production of science in the two countries and the works of Iranian thinkers, researchers, artists and craftsmen in Andalusia as well as aspects of comparing some philosophical and mystical worldviews among Iranian and Andalusian intellectuals It provided many grounds for cultural, scientific, artistic, economic, and political exchange, and finally Spain, by sending an ambassador to Iran in the early 15th century, registered its name as the first European country to formally establish political relations with Iran. In 2002, for the first time, the then President of Iran officially visited Spain at the invitation of the King of Spain. In addition, several meetings between officials of the two countries have taken place in recent years, including the visit of the then Prime Minister of Spain to Iran in 1379, which was accompanied by a 168-member cultural, economic and political delegation.

Such interests between each other and the diversity of topics in order to develop scientific, cultural, artistic, economic affairs between the two countries require the institutionalization of relations between the people of the two countries. In order to work in this direction, the Iran-Spain Friendship Association obtained the necessary license for its establishment in 2005 and officially started working in the presence of a number of interested people. Now, the introductory site of the association is presented to the interested parties by using the publications of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a first step, so that with your guidance, it can be gradually turned into a useful collection of information for public use and always maintained and presented in a timely and dynamic manner.

In the end, I consider it necessary to include the main members of the board of directors of the respected professors of universities: Dr. Gholamhossein Ebrahimi Dinani (permanent face), Dr. Gholamreza Avani (permanent face), Dr. Reza Attarnejad and Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Faezipour, also Sarkar Ms. Dr. Farzaneh Sharafbafi and Mr. Bahram Massoud, alternate members of the Board of Directors, for whose sincere assistance I have always enjoyed, and my sincere thanks to each and every member of the Association who have always been ready for any assistance and participation.

All of us in the Iran-Spain Friendship Association are always looking forward to receiving your constructive ideas and helpful help.

From God Almighty, I entrust the success of those interested in influencing the development, deepening and strengthening of friendly and constructive relations between the people of Iran and Spain.

سید حسن شفتی

Chairman of the Board of the Iran-Spain Friendship Association

(Former Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Spain)