The first Gathering of studying the development of Iran's Relations with European Union

The first gathering developments in Iran's relations with Europe Union

At first, Mr. Sayyid Hassan Shfty chairman of the meeting of the Association of Friendship and Europe , said the union is not representative of Europe in the center of Europe hopes series of discussions with EU ambassadors to hear their perception of trend and also hear the views of scholars Iran to hold . The first meeting

was formed .

The Chairman of the meeting of the Association of Spanish Ambassador members participating subjects and their relations with the ambassador to the discussion .

has that could reflect public opinion and scholars in the field of community development in the areas of politics, economics , culture as an important think tank , but without interfering in the affairs of the executive . He said the capacity of the friendship associations , academic institutions and other people there. Now that the government policy in the context of hope and glory, wisdom and expediency extensive work with Europe Union , 5 +1 , Zhnf negotiations , the UN, the Davos meeting has started, would be appropriate.
public institutions will be most effective way to proceed .


He said in 2012 that coincided with the beginning of his mission in Iran was the worst year in Iran's relations with Europe because Europe most severe sanctions against Iran imposed by the EU . He noted that at that time in Spain among the largest importers of Iranian oil, the EU banned imports of Iranian oil , and then , perhaps Spain incur the highest costs among European countries . He Geneva agreement is another milestone in the relations between Iran and Europe , he said. He said after a speech in Davos spiritual focus of Iran's nuclear program and political issues of the economy has changed. His symptoms improved after the recent visit of Foreign Minister of Italy and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden announced as soon as Spain 's foreign minister will visit Iran . He also said he personally believes Iran is a huge difference between the reality and the image of the country abroad is offered there.

At the same time , his government effort possible to resolve the Iran Sanctions will perform in Europe .

Another aspect of the risk of sanctions , he said that no matter how a company's reputation internationally is more, companies are less willing to work with Iran.was complete .

But in the cultural context of the cultural common ground between Iran and Spain can be a lot of work to do. However, cultural exchanges , particularly between public institutions will contribute significantly to improved political and economic relations .

He asked about Russia's role in nuclear negotiations between Iran and Europe Union has said that Russia plays a constructive role in the negotiations .

He thanks his speech Friendship Associations between Iran and Europe for this very useful initiative ended and Mr Sayed Hassan Shfty helpful and sincere gratitude to the Ambassador of Spain and the participants of the meeting said . The meeting ended at 5 pm as scheduled .


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