Iran Friendship Association of Spain

Thank during the few minutes of your valuable time to read this site dedicated to let you be passing up this forum to inform my reasons .

On relations between Iran and Spain are evidence of the longstanding relationship between the two territories, even mythic period is observed.strengthen ties between the two countries and the ground is open, kill them .

For the first time in 1381 at the invitation of Iranian President met with the King of Spain, formally of Spain . In addition, several meetings between officials of the two countries during the visit of Prime Minister of Spain is Akhyranjam Iran in 1379 with a delegation of 168 members of the cultural, economic and political study.

Mutual interests and diversity of these topics in order to develop scientific , cultural, artistic , economic relations between the two countries, the two countries needed to be institutionalized .

At the end of university professors need to know the members of the board Mr. Gholam Hossein Ebrahimi doctor Dinani (face- lasting ) , Mr. doctor GR Awan (face- lasting ) , Mr R. Tarnzhad doctor and Mr. doctor Mohammad Mehdi Faezizadeh poor, as well as work female doctor and Mr. B. M. F. Shrfbafy alternate board members who have always had their sincere cooperation and participation of individual members who are always ready for any assistance and would like to thank sincerely .

We all eagerly await Iran Friendship Association and Spain have always received constructive feedback and help guide you.

Subhan Allah interested in influencing the success of the development , deepening and strengthening of friendly relations between the manufacturer and would like to ask the people of Iran and Spain .

Sayyed Hassan Shfty

Iran Friendship Association Chairman and Spain


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